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The Worker Bee Café continues it's service and food offering beyond it's Café

The Worker Bee Café now offers delivery services to private or social gatherings, company events ex: meetings, celebrations, etc. for parties of 10 to 40 people.


We have extended our in-house prepared breakfast and lunch menu for delivery or, we can work with you to craft a menu to meet your gathering / dining requirements as well.

We schedule catering Monday through Friday and deliver from 8am through to 3pm (can arrange other times if needed.) Most catering events we bring the food and serving utensils as recyclable or, in catering trays to be picked up the following day. Most engagements/parties have their own dining utensils, however, we can supply dining utensils and napkins per request.

We require a three day advance notice in order to acquire, schedule and prepare the meal.


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